Legal Rap: From Padfolios to Brass Knuckles

Let’s talk about the legal game,
From padfolios to brass knuckles, ain’t it all the same?
Whether you’re in the Philippines or in Nevada,
The hierarchy of laws will make you shiver.

Need to store some 4k videos for evidence in court?
Coercion in English law will make you take a second thought.
When two parties can’t agree, a compromise agreement is what they need,
And in Virginia, a room rental agreement is where they’ll start to plead.

Can a brass knuckle be your friend in Nevada?
When a credit card company wants their money, they’ll start to invade ya,
But how can they garnish your wages so cruel?
In Canada, the safe third country agreement will make you wonder if it’s really cool.

When it comes to tech, law firms are on the rise,
From padfolios to brass knuckles, they’re looking for the best to prize.
So when you’re in a legal bind, just remember this rap,
From padfolios to brass knuckles, ain’t it all just a trap?